M&A Cybersecurity Due Diligence Services

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have become common in today’s fast-paced business, environment offering great potential value. However, internal stakeholders may not always align on the critical elements to evaluate when considering target companies, leading to dissociation from corporate
strategy and failed transactions.

In addition to this, the rise of cyber threats has made it essential to conduct thorough cybersecurity due diligence before any M&A transaction. To address this, our cybersecurity due diligence services can help ensure that your M&A transactions align with your corporate strategy while assessing the target company’s cybersecurity posture.strategy and failed transactions.

At CyberElite, we recognize the significance of cybersecurity in M&A transactions. With over 20 years of, experience our team of cybersecurity experts has conducted due diligence for companies across various industries. We collaborate closely with our clients to identify potential cyber risks and vulnerabilities that could affect the success of the transaction. Our comprehensive cybersecurity due diligence services ensure that your M&A transactions align with your corporate strategy, and the target company’s cybersecurity posture is sound. With CyberElite, you can confidently pursue M&A transactions that add value to your organization while mitigating the risk of cyber threats.

Our cybersecurity due diligence services include:

Risk Assessments:

We conduct a comprehensive risk assessment to identify potential cyber risks and vulnerabilities that could impact the transaction. This includes an analysis of the target company’s cybersecurity policies, procedures, and controls.

Compliance Audits:

We review the target company's compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards, such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.

Incident Response Planning:

We review the target company’s incident response plan to ensure that it is effective and up-to-date. 

Employee Training:

We assess the target company’s employee training programs to ensure that employees are aware of cybersecurity risks and best practices.

Cyber Tool

We can provide organizations with a comprehensive cyber tool evaluation and rationalization to help them make informed decisions during the M&A process and improve their technology solutions post-merger or acquisition.

cybersecurity due diligence

Our cybersecurity due diligence services are designed to assist companies across various industries in
identifying and mitigating cyber risks during M&A transactions. We collaborate closely with our clients
to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the target company's cybersecurity posture before
completing the transaction. We provide risk reports and risk-based prioritization, technical stack reports,
and cyber tool rationalization reports.

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