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Keeping Client Data Secure Should Be a Top Priority. We step through multiple assessments to make sure your organization’s data is secure at all times. To learn more about how our Privacy Services can benefit your organization, schedule a consultation!

HIPAA Security Risk Assessment

The Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires that patient data must be stored securely, access to the data be controlled and monitored, and that healthcare organizations have the policies, procedures and systems needed to ensure compliance.

Cyberattacks on healthcare organizations have increase significantly.  Small, medium, and large sized healthcare organizations are under increased pressure. You are a steward of protected health information. Employees can be the biggest security risk.

What’s your responsibility Under HIPAA?

What is the HIPAA Security Risk Assessment (SRA)

CyberElite provides a range of HIPAA compliance consulting services. With extensive HIPAA experience and expertise, we help our clients successfully meet their compliance goals.

NIST Privacy Risk Assessment

At CyberElite we utilize the NIST Privacy Framework as a way to connect cybersecurity and privacy. We take a methodical approach to determining any organizations’ readiness to meet their privacy requirements by leveraging the NIST Privacy Framework as the core of our Privacy Risk Assessments.

This consists of the following activities:

The goal here is to align your organization with the standards that are set out within the NIST Framework to be more secure. The NIST framework is not a compliance policy like HIPAA or GDPR, it’s really a tool that allows you to develop a plan for cybersecurity investment strategy with your organization to look for best practices to aspire to base upon your business need.


GDPR Services

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enforced in 2018, the European Union provides broader data privacy for individuals and new obligations for any company regardless of location that collects, uses or processes any EU residents personal data.

CCPA California Consumer Privacy Act

The California Consumer Privacy Act applies only to consumers that are residents in California. It does not apply to people who visit California on a temporary basis. CCPA is directed at companies that collect and/or sell personal information, it is designed to give Californians more control over their own data.

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