Affordable vCISO Rate Based on Your Organizations Business Needs

Gold Package

Our core services to help protect your business, day in and day out. Improve your business’s Cyber Security practices today!

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Diamond Package

Everything in the basic plan, plus additional services like policy development and incident response plans.

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Platinum Package

Our platinum package provides CISO services for businesses of any size. Defend your organization from potential vulnerabilities.

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Solutions for businesses of all sizes

Ready to take your IT Security to the next level? There are many benefits of a vCISO, including:


Security Essentials
  • Compromised Password Scanning
  • Cybersecurity Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment Review
  • Threat Assessment
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training


Advanced Security
  • Everything in Gold plus

  • Compliance Readiness Evaluation
  • Security Roadmap Review
  • Ransomware Assessment
  • Incident Response Plan
  • Phishing Exercises
  • Website Scanning


White-Glove Service
  • Everything in Diamond plus

  • Virtual CISO Advisory
  • Annual Board Presentation
  • Vendor Risk Management
  • Penetration Test
  • Vulnerability Scan
  • Dark Web Credential Scan
  • Cloud Security Review
We can provide other agreed upon security services on an as-needed basis

Our Gold Package

Our core services to help protect your business. Improve your business’s Cyber Security practices today!

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Compromised Password Scanning

CyberElite's Password Scanning searches the Dark Web, an underworld accessible only through specialized browsers, to identify any accounts or credentials that have been compromised. This tactic includes haunting dark marketplaces that trade in stolen data. CyberElite will report findings and recommendations to your organization when we find compromised credentials, assessing the security threat.

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Cybersecurity Assessment

What is the likelihood that an organization will be the victim of a cyberattack? Where are its strengths and weaknesses? The CyberElite Cybersecurity Health Checkup can provide the answers. This simple assessment and inventory of an organization's data, storage, systems, physical security controls, policies, and procedures will help them understand their cybersecurity posture and provide a detailed report with recommendations for improvement.

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Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Cybersecurity is everyone's responsibility. Recent research concluded that 90% of all cyber claims are due to human error. Educating employees on detecting and preventing cyberattacks is a challenging task, but it is a responsibility that belongs to everyone.

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Vulnerability Scan Assessment

A vulnerability assessment scrutinizes the security of an information system, determining if it is exposed to any known dangers and assigning a seriousness degree to them. Furthermore, the evaluation will suggest solutions to diminish the weaknesses or decrease their consequence.


Industry Threat Assessment

The priority is safety. Our assessment determines security necessities, discovers potential risks and dangers, grades the importance of each, and orders fixes accordingly

Our Diamond Package

Everything in our Basic package, plus additional services to assist your organization in managing your Cyber Security needs. 

Compliance Readiness Assessment
CyberElite Security offers Readiness Assessment services to organizations with compliance requirements such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, Sarbaness-Oxley, and CMMC. This service includes a Gap Analysis to measure the organization's current readiness to meet the compliance mandates. In addition, the assessment will provide an overview of any gaps that need to be addressed.​
Security Roadmap Review
Our certified professionals exhaustively examine your security posture to gauge your company's exposure, guaranteeing compliance with statutory and regulatory criteria and surpassing all expectations.​ Our process consists of addressing issues in core areas like:
Foundation, Gap Analysis, Capability, Implementation, Evaluation & Optimization
Website Scanning
Security doesn't have to inhibit efficiency, yet plenty of off-the-shelf scanners will slow systems to a crawl. Our scanners and customized implementations maintain a secure data flow with ultra-low latency. We give you deep insights into any potential any malicious behavior or blocklist status. You'll be immediately aware of any suspicious activity. Your customers will notice nothing.
Website Scanning
Security doesn't have to inhibit efficiency, yet plenty of off-the-shelf scanners will slow systems to a crawl. Our scanners and customized implementations maintain a secure data flow with ultra-low latency. We give you deep insights into any potential any malicious behavior or blocklist status. You'll be immediately aware of any suspicious activity. Your customers will notice nothing.
Incident Response Plan
CyberElite's systematic go-to-playbook brings fast, low-profile resolutions to cyber incidents. We detect, respond to, and restore services and systems that result from data attacks and operational failures. You will, at worst, see minimal inconvenience to daily operations.
Ransomware Assessment
Our ransomware readiness assessment evaluates an organization's preparedness for potential ransomware attacks by assessing current cybersecurity strategies against industry standards, identifying vulnerabilities, and providing actionable recommendations for strengthening security measures.​


Everything in our Premium package, plus a full white-glove Cyber Security services.

Virtual CISO Advisory

Take advantage of our virtual CISO consulting service for top-tier, strategic cybersecurity. You will have access to a team of highly-skilled specialists who know your business, providing extensive experience. When you collaborate with us, you get the same quality of expertise as having a full-time CISO without the hefty price tag. We will be your dependable advisors, the go-to source for all of your cybersecurity needs.

A virtual chief information security officer will provide a range of security services:

Annual Board Presentation

At CyberElite, we understand how cybersecurity protects a business’s reputation. That’s why we supply a special team that works closely with senior management to communicate the connections between cybersecurity and overall business risks and demonstrate the potential benefits of investing in advanced security measures. As a result, we bridge the gap between security experts and leadership, ensuring that everyone understands the importance of cybersecurity and its impact on your company’s success.

Vendor Risk Management

Does your shipping system tie you into multiple third-party vendors? You’re only as strong as your vendors’ worst security. We offer focused management of these third-party risks. Our CyberElite team runs a robust and sustainable third-party risk management system that finds potential vulnerabilities and offers more secure alternatives. Our vendor risk management provides the ability to:

Penetration Test

Our expert penetration testing team uses simulated cyberattacks to uncover vulnerabilities in your network, proactively reducing the risk of a real cyber-attack. We help safeguard your business and give you peace of mind by identifying potential weaknesses before they can be exploited.

Dark Web Credentials Scan

Our team monitors criminal conversations on the dark web to stay current on the latest cyber security threats and techniques. We can recognize potential risks and quickly react to protect your reputation and maintain legal compliance. We also watch for stolen user credentials that may signal a data breach so that you can take immediate action to defend your company. Our proactive approach outsmarts cyber criminals. 

Cloud Security Review

Our team of experts can ensure your company’s cloud environment is secure and compliant with laws and regulations. We offer assessments to identify vulnerabilities and provide recommendations for mitigation. You can focus on running your business with our up-to-the-minute expertise in security standards. At the same time, we ensure your data and applications are protected with continuous monitoring. Trust us to keep your cloud secure.

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